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Administrative Officer : Miss. L. Ushani

 Welcome to my corner of the digital world! I am Ushani Rameshan, a passionate English educator with over seven years of teaching experience. With a heart devoted to unraveling the enchanting tapestry of the English language, my journey has been a truly beautiful one. As an avid explorer of linguistic intricacies, I am constantly captivated by the boundless possibilities that English offers.

Beyond the realm of language, I am also a dedicated student pursuing studies in human rights and law, as well as diving into the fascinating realm of cyber security. Over the past few years, I have embarked on an enriching voyage, continuously challenging myself to effect meaningful change. I am immensely proud to be a part of the Suntec Campus community, where I am empowered to contribute to a brighter educational landscape.
Join me in this voyage of language, learning, and empowerment. Together, let's explore the wonders of English and beyond