What is Java?

What is Java?

Java is an object-orientated programming language. it's miles now the world’s extensively used pc programming language used for constructing internet and computer programs. It is favored for assembly many organizations’ company programming necessities and has additionally end up the language of preference for imposing Internet-primarily based totally programs and Softwares for gadgets.

Types of Java Applications

1) Standalone Application

Also called computer programs or window-primarily based totally programs. These are conventional software program that we want to put in on each device. Media player, antivirus, etc. AWT and Swing are a few examples of standalone programs that require Java for developing standalone programs.

2) Web Application

the internet software runs at the server-facet and creates a dynamic web page. Many technology call for the java programming language for developing internet programs in Java.

3) Enterprise Application

company software is sent in nature, for example, banking programs. It is effective in lots of elements like high-stage security, load balancing, and clustering.

4) Mobile Application

cell software is created for cell gadgets is known as a . Currently, Android and Java ME satisfy the requirement for developing cell programs.

Java Platforms / Editions

Platforms of the Java programming language are as follows:

Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)

Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)

Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME)

Java FX.

History of Java

Java become invented via way of means of James Gosling, popularly called the daddy of Java, in 1995. main a crew of researchers at Sun Microsystems, James Gosling made efforts to create a brand new programming language that could permit clients to electronically talk with every different via gadgets. 

a laugh Fact: the antique call of Java is Oak. Oak become a programming language created via way of means of James Gosling in 1989, which later developed to be named Java.

Features of Java

Notable capabilities of Java are as follows:


Java is an Object-orientated programming language because it lets in the implementation of an item-orientated layout as a running system.

Platform Independent:

not like different programming languages, java isn't always compiled into a selected device as an alternative right into a platform-impartial byte code that is then allotted over the internet and interpreted via way of means of the Java Virtual Machine(JVM).


Java’s stable function allows to improvement of virus-loose, tamper-loose systems. software program like Macafee, Norton is constructed in Java programming.


Java makes an attempt to makes a speciality of managing sudden termination and sudden movements blunders checking and runtime. checking.


Java’s multithreaded function lets in writing packages that may carry out many obligations simultaneously. This function lets in the builders to assemble interactive programs that may run smoothly.

Why Learn Java Programming?

Benefits to examine Java programming language:

Java could be very clean to examine.

Java builders are in call for

it clean to get a task as a Java programmer.

It has a very good series of open-supply libraries.

Java is loose.

Java – Object & Classes


An item is an example of a magnificence. It is an entity that has a kingdom and conduct which may be bodily or logical.


A magnificence is a set of items with not unusualplace properties. It is a template or blueprint that creates an item. It is a logical entity and can’t be bodily. it accommodates of:





Nested magnificence and interface

What are the kinds of Java packages?

Java Applets:

Java applet is a graphical person interface on which you could area GUI additives or draw the usage of techniques. It is embedded in an HTML web page and is done via way of means of the usage of a Java-enabled internet browser.


import java.awt.Graphics;

to permit applet to attract graphics

import javax.swing.JApplet;

used to create applets.

Installation of Java

The first step of mastering Java might be to put in and installation Java Environment. I will redirect you to the down load hyperlink for Java. Once you input the downloading internet web page, you may be capable of see some thing like this as proven below.

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